2D photographs converted to measurable 3D models.

We automate the production of 3D models of virtually any size or precision without the need for high-end hardware or specialized IT support

Multi-engine processing

We utilize multi-engine parallel processing to speed the production of your reality model so that turnaround times can be customized to meet your needs and requirements – ranging from overnight to our standard five day delivery.

From 2D to 3D

Your 2D photographs converted to measurable 3D models. You get real-world digital context in the form of a 3D reality mesh. Whether you are a UAV company, surveying or engineering firm – you can now leverage reality modeling in-house with secure access to the latest cloud technology and no headaches from managing the process yourself.


The data and models that are delivered to you can be visualized and analyzed in any software that can open 3D models and/or point clouds. Both GIS and engineering workflows from Bentley Systems, Autodesk, Esri, Leica, Trimble and many others can consume the models and data that are processed by Consilience Analytics.

Processing solutions

Overlapping photos from drones and ground-level imagery, supplemented by laser scans where needed, our processing solutions enable you to generate spatially-classified and engineering-ready reality meshes at any desired level of accuracy and scale, including an entire city.

The year is 2020, and we are still arguing over measurable accuracy in 3D models. Consilience Analytics is a startup formed by several leading wireless and fintech entrepreneurs with a single goal in mind: Blow the lid off of the wireless construction industry. After several years of development, we are proud to present our revolutionary data platform which allows our customers to visualize information from micro to macro with a click.

We have developed and deployed a SaaS platform that enables infrastructure operators far and wide to collect, collaborate, and analyze data sources like never before. Our mission is to transform your business from a shared drive full of files you don’t want to pay to be read into an actionable ecosystem rich with functionality and interoperability. It is our core belief that your data belongs solely to you, and our mission is to re-connect our customers with their data in a way that has not been seen in the marketplace thus far. Integrating our software suite into your enterprise or small business network is a breeze, providing our customers with an extreme return on investment seldom encountered in a climate of claims and software bugs.

Technical Discussion

Many organizations of today are selecting a sole source approach to data visualization based on infrastructure that is more than 30 years in the making. Though we understand there is merit in a time-proven application, we believe there have been many pieces of data left on the table by competitors who claim to represent data geospatially. As public information and data becomes increasingly accessible, we have chosen to index this information and provide it to our customers to blend high-quality data assets with actionable exterior data sources to create a “world view” of what you as a customer want to see. Imagine being able to import a spreadsheet into a geographical viewer to understand your costs or success on a project, or seeing a potential build on a map to know where your highest cost centers are. Our platform enables customers to intelligently blend data together and produce actionable reports no matter the project's lifecycle.

Case Studies

Below are some case studies of ours. Depending on your needs, we can output different quality models starting from a centimeter-class quality up to engineering and survey-grade millimeter-class measurements when necessary.

Self Supporting Towers

We have processed a countless number of self-supporting tower images and produced over ten thousand 3D models.


Rooftops are the second most common structure type that we process at Consilience Analytics.

Questions & Answers

We can create 3D models, point clouds and fully-integrated Digital Twins from any physical asset or space in the world. Bridges, Towers, Railroads, Dams, Wind Turbines, O&G sites, Poles, Sub-stations, any indoor locations, etc. All of these models – based on your photographs from the ground, drones, anywhere – can be integrated with your legacy data (CAD, LiDAR, Satellite, old photos, etc., to produce a full Digital Twin).

Technically, there is no minimum or maximum. The number of photographs required is a function of the size of the physical asset or space being modeled in 3D, as well as the precision of resulting measurements that you desire to make from your 3D model.

The megapixel resolution of each photograph, the type of camera and lens used to capture the photographs – i.e., the ISO range, the sensor type – and such factors as the standoff distance from the asset(s) being photographed and the time of day (shadows/highlights) will all affect the quality and precision of the model that is generated.

Typically, we would require at least several hundred photographs for a good 3D model. Some models use thousands of photographs. The best thing to do is to send us a sample data set for processing – something that represents what you expect to capture if you go to-scale and capture thousands of assets – and we will process it and show you what is possible from such a capture and make recommendations, if necessary.

12-megapixel (MP) photographs are typically the lowest resolution density that can be processed with good results. We can process an unlimited number of gigapixels (GP) for any given project.

Often, higher MP photographs yield higher-quality 3D models, but the range of ISO (the ability to see details in the photographs from the shadows through the mid-range to the highlights) is of equal or greater importance. A lower MP photograph with extremely wide ISO can yield better models than a higher-MP photograph – depending on the asset being scanned.

Most of our models are substantially-better than centimeter relative precision in their measurability – but if you have quality photographs of enough volume, then it is possible to increase the precision of the results with additional processing time and manual quality control.

If you require a certain level of measurable relative precision in the 3D models, point clouds and digital twins that we deliver then we can make that a requirement of the deliverable if the input photographs are of sufficient quality and volume. There is an added cost to the service beyond our standard models.

Yes. All models are reviewed for completeness and accuracy prior to delivery.

Anything that has been standardized and supported as a model format can be supported as an exported file type. You can import our 3D models and point clouds into all commercially-available visualization and analysis tools, and we are more than happy to export to any format necessary for your systems to leverage and utilize from the moment of delivery.

There is no limit to our scalability. We currently process tens of thousands of projects per year and are capable of unlimited processing bandwidth to handle your largest projects – entire asset bases, factories, cities and countries can be modeled in measurable 3D for you.

We use Bentley’s Context Capture unless you specify otherwise. We find that the precision and accuracy, in addition to the flexibility in processing settings and overall 3D model integrity to be the best with Context Capture. However, if you require a specific tool for the 3D model processing – then we are more than happy to oblige.

We need to know: What asset/space that you are trying to model; What the volume of assets will be per day and for how long this will be sustained; What types of capture methodology and resulting photographs that you have available for processing; What relative precision is your specification for the model deliverables; What kind of turnaround time that you require from the time that we receive the data until the models are delivered back to you; Any requirements that you have for data management and delivery to your systems Your timeline for making a decision and the criteria that you will use to evaluate our results; A sample data set for processing so that we can level-set with inputs and the model outputs

We have a secure cloud-based portal for the upload of the photographs, and a simple portal for download of the resulting models. We can easily connect to your ERP and data management systems to push-deliver results in the exact format and to the precise location that you want the data to be available.

Yes. We can create true Digital Twin models by integrating any and all legacy data that you may have from prior asset-modeling exercises – including your CAD, LiDAR, old photographs, video, as-design and as-built applications. We can deliver the seamless visualization and analytical Digital Twins that you need to ingest into your visualization and analytical systems.

Absolutely. Please ask us for a quote for this service. There is some manual validation and verification involved, but we guarantee the results to be the best quality tie-in between your existing asset data and new 3D models.

Yes. We can create CAD LOD 100, 200, 300 and 400 from your 3D models, depending on the quality of your capture. The better the quality, the less effort is involved as the AI can perform on the data. In all cases, there is human data validation and measurement confirmation when these are created.

Yes. While our principal business is processing of the data to create the 3D models, we have many partners globally who are capable of scaling to any size of asset modeling capture programs. Let us know your needs and requirements, and we will get you a quote for the capture of the data needed for use to create the 3D models and Digital Twins for you.

Yes and Absolutely! Our 3D models, point clouds and other data types can be ingested, managed, viewed and analyzed in every commercially-available software platform with such capabilities.

Tell us your workflow and the tools that you like to use for structural analysis, visualization, modeling, AI, etc., and we will insure the output from our processing fits right-in without interruption.

Yes. If you are a consulting or engineering firm, SW or HW provider that has potential customers who can leverage our services, then please contact us about our Partner Program for lead generation.

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