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Re-Think Network Deployment & Design without Leaving the Office

Our AI-Powered platform takes ground or aerial captured 2D photos and creates actionable, 3D models that transform how you manage physical assets.

Models at Scale

Using drone-captured 2D image assets, we take advantage of multi-engine processing to create interactive 3D models for your business to act on.

We Never Stop

With 99.99% uptime, our hybrid-cloud infrastructure never stops processing images

Avg. Images per Second

Deploy Faster & Cost Effectively

Through a single drone flight, your asset is captured once. Interactive models hosted on the Consilience platform are available within 24 hours ensuring your team can virtually visit the site 24/7/365. No need to coordinate with the asset owner or spend valuable time and resources repeatedly visiting the site.

55% Reduction in site aquisition and engineering costs for our customers using our generated models

20% Reduction of end to end time to deploy 5G network equipment on every cell site

Integration Partners

At Consilience Analytics, we work with some of the best photogrammetry partners in the world on cutting-edge solutions to create the best high-resolution models, in the fasted way possible. Review our Solutions to see more of what we can do for your teams.

Flexibility in Workflow Platform Management

Whether you are capturing assets from the field, or looking to manage how models are rendered, our Platform as a Service software solution will provide you with unparalleled visibility into what's happening with your data.

Status Object Worker Cluster Worker Version Worker Hostname
Wind Turbine (DLX432) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-32-93-242-docker
Cell Tower (54312) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 174-36-21-237-docker
Cell Tower (92212) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-22-29-212-docker
Cell Tower (11145) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-81-19-98-docker
Wind Turbine (ZZA932) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-31-26-79-docker
Cell Tower (54313) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-32-23-190-docker
Rooftop (74852) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 171-33-21-197-docker
Rooftop (44293) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-41-11-234-docker
Cell Tower (70701) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-52-27-175-docker
Cell Tower (11023) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-31-25-234-docker
Cell Tower (46321) (u17) 6.14 (9f0b660) 172-31-75-273-docker

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